About me
I am a marketing specialist in Nikon working as a project manager of Nikon School, responsible for digital marketing /online marketing and marketing systems.
My work in Nikon started 7 years ago when I started to assist customers in photography shops as a Nikon product promoter, happy to turn my hobby into my work. As time has gone by I have become a leader of Nikon promo team, producing events and improving a system of Nikon presentations, trainings, workshops and promotional events which I have been producing as well.
Now I live with Nikon School, building it from zero to already a successful project in Czech Republic and Slovakia with a great feedback from our clients appreciating best trainers and our extraordinary effort to provide unique experience and individual approach.
> If you like to know more about my profession, then visit my linked-in profile.
> Or if you like my pictures and want me to make some portraits, a reportage of a conference, a birthday or a wedding photography, contact me. I have a team of photographers able to provide you professional pictures and fun program for your visitors.
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